Greenstriped Rockfish (Sebastes elongatus)

Category: Fish
Related species groups: Rockfish

Description and Range

Physical description

Greenstriped Rockfish are slender with a relatively large head. They are white to reddish with four broken horizontal green stripes along the body – two above the lateral line and two below. There are also green streaks on dorsal and caudal fin membranes, and a red streak on the maxilla (upper jaw). The pectoral fin membranes are deeply incised.

This species is unlikely to be mistaken for another species, but Greenspotted Rockfish do have green spots covering their bodies. However, these spots are not arranged in stripes as on the Greenstriped, and the Greenspotted has three to six white or pink spots on the back.

Greenstriped Rockfish can grow up to 47 cm (19 in) in length, and weigh up to 0.98 kg (2.2 lb). The maximum age is at least 54 years old.

Geographic range

Greenstriped Rockfish are found from Chirikof Island, Alaska in the western Bering Sea, to Isla Cedros, central Baja California. Adults have been found at water depths between 12 and 1,445 m (39-3,756 ft), but they are most common between 130 and 250 m (426-820 ft). 

State record

1.63 lbs
David Wedeking
Possession Bar
Date Caught
January 19, 1985

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