Soda Peaks Lake (Skamania County)

Soda Peaks Lake is in the Trapper Creek Wilderness. It is planted every other year with eastern brook and brown trout fingerlings by back pack. It has fair shoreline access but a float tube offers the best fishing opportunity. It is possible to day hike and fish the lake, but camping in the area for a couple of days provide the better opportunity to fish the lake during early morning and late evening. Lake is usually accessible by late May early June depending on snowmelt. Mosquitos can be quite bad until late summer.

Getting here:

The easiest route to get to Soda Peaks Lake is if you start at the Soda Peaks Trailhead off Forest road 54. The trail number is 133.

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Skamania
Acreage: 7.40 ac.
Elevation: 3784 ft.
TRS: T05R06E SEC27
Center: 45.883817, -122.048355
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Fish stocking info

Release Location: SODA PEAKS LK (SKAM)
Stock Date Species Number Released Number of Fish Per Pound Facility
Aug 22, 2011 Brown Trout 287 82.5 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Aug 22, 2011 Eastern Brook Trout 289 97.2 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jul 28, 2009 Eastern Brook Trout 250 78.1 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jul 28, 2009 Brown Trout 250 72.4 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jun 20, 2007 Brown Trout 250 84 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jun 20, 2007 Eastern Brook Trout 250 121 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jun 20, 2005 Brown Trout 250 72 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
May 20, 2005 Eastern Brook Trout 250 89.6 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jul 14, 2003 Brown Trout 250 55 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY
Jul 14, 2003 Eastern Brook Trout 250 114 GOLDENDALE HATCHERY