Beda Lake

Beda Lake is located about four miles south of Interstate 90 and just to the east of Dodson Road.  Beda Lake was rehabilitated in 2010 to eradicate Pumpkinseed Sunfish.  Unfortunately, the rehabilitation was not 100% successful and will need to attempted again.  In the meantime, catchable size (11-13 inches at release) Rainbow Trout have been stocked into Beda Lake during the spring and fall.  Catchable trout should begin to provide some quality fishing opportunities.

Two-pole fishing is allowed

Special fishing restrictions:

Shoreline access: Good - Most of the shoreline is fishable, however, shoreline vegetation does make fishing difficult.

WDFW water access areas on this lake

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Grant
Acreage: 33.10 ac.
Elevation: 1119 ft.
Center: 47.046326, -119.541041
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Fishing prospects calendar

Rainbow trout

Fishing success for Rainbow Trout is generally best in the spring when thousands of fish are stocked statewide, but they can be caught year-round in most waters with a little patience and persistence. Success remains high into June and gradually declines as water temperatures increase and fish move offshore to stay cool. Fish that escaped the spring harvest return to the nearshore areas in the fall as waters cool off. Some waters may also be stocked again in the fall further boosting catch rates.

Chart showing fishing prospects throughout the calendar year

Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Pumpkinseed Sunfish are ubiquitous in most lowland lakes and readily caught year-round. Fishing is best in the spring and summer, peaking during the spawn in June. Fish move offshore into deeper waters through the fall as water temperatures cool making it more difficult to target them. Winter is the most difficult season to catch Pumpkinseed, but persistent anglers can find nice-sized schools offshore.

Chart of fishing prospects throughout the calendar year