Marine Area 8-1 - Deception Pass, Hope Island, and Skagit Bay

Marine Area 8-1 is contained within Deception Pass, Hope Island and Skagit Bay. Fishing within this marine area is protected by Whidbey Island and offers a diversity of fishing opportunities that range from Coastal Cutthroat trout, bottomfish, and various salmon species. Chinook, Pink, and Coho are primarily returning to the world renowned Skagit River.

Anglers who plan to fish for salmon in Canadian marine waters and return in their boats with their catch to Washington are required to notify WDFW before leaving state waters.

Legal description

Major fishing areas

Deception Pass

Fish east of West Point along North Beach. Fishing from shore can provide great action during the peak of the migratory Coho and Pink Salmon runs from August through September. Additionally during odd years, Pink Salmon will be swimming close to shore. Consider fishing with buzz bombs, spinners, jigs, and cut-plug herring. During the winter months, an angler might want to try fishing for returning hatchery steelhead with a spin-n-glo and hoochie within an hour or two on both sides of the tidal change.

Accessible by Shoreline:  After entering Deception Pass State Park, park at the day use site at North Beach and walk north to the beach. Discovery Pass is required. Please be respect and be aware of private property or tidelands. This feature shows the general location of the selected shoreline. Directions may not include direct access routes. Please do not trespass on private property.

Species: Coastal Cutthroat, Pink Salmon