Public input

This public comment period ended June 8, 2020. For additional information or questions, please contact Public input for 2021 is expected to open in March, as initial fishery proposals become available.

The public is invited to submit comments on potential fisheries and regulations for the 2020-21 fishing season. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is considering amending current recreational and commercial fishing rules resulting from stakeholder recommendations made during North of Falcon meetings earlier this spring.

WDFW will consider all public comments received on this rule making. The comment period is open until June 8, 2020. A public hearing will be held at 9 a.m. on June 9; the public can participate in the webinar.

To see the full proposed rule packages for recreational and commerical fishing, visit our rule-making webpage. For questions, or for alternative ways to submit comments, contact

Recreational fisheries

The intent of this rule-making package, once adopted, is to replace and supersede the language in these sections of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) in their entirety:

  • 220-220-160: Two-pole endorsement
  • 220-312-020: Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules – Coast
  • 220-312-030: Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules – Southwest
  • 220-312-040: Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules – Puget Sound
  • 220-312-050: Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules – Eastside
  • 220-312-060: Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules – Columbia River
  • 220-313-060: Puget Sound salmon – Saltwater seasons and daily limits
  • 220-313-070: Coastal salmon – Saltwater seasons and daily limits

Two-pole endorsement

Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules: Coast

Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules: Southwest

Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules: Puget Sound

Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules: Eastside

Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules: Columbia River

Puget Sound salmon: Saltwater seasons and daily limits

Coastal salmon: Saltwater seasons and daily limits

Commercial fisheries

Puget Sound commercial fishing

The department is considering amending current Puget Sound commercial fishing rules resulting from stakeholder recommendations made during North of Falcon meetings.

Coastal commercial salmon fishing

The Department is considering changes to WDFW's coastal commercial salmon fishing rules, resulting from North of Falcon recommendations. Coastal commercial salmon fishing rules are based on North of Falcon recommendations that change from year to year to reflect resource availability and to achieve conservation goals. Amendments to coastal commercial salmon fishing rules are needed to implement the agreed-upon changes.

Public comments received during North of Falcon