Current rule-making activity

The following rule changes are currently open to public comment or will be available for public comment in the future.

  • Grazing rules
     The department is considering changing its grazing rules for consistency with the Commission's policy.
  • Amendments to Hydraulic Code Rules
    Rule amendments are needed to implement elements in sections 4 through 11 of 2SHB 1579 to add a mechanism for preapplication determination, implement enhanced civil compliance tools, remove references to repealed statutes, and clarify administrative actions that are subject to informal and formal appeal.

  • Commercial Whale watching licenses
    Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, and the species' decline led to an Executive Order from Governor Inslee to establish the Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force.
  • Target practice on department lands
    The department is considering comprehensive statewide target practice rules for all WDFW owned and managed lands.
  • Hunting Season Setting Rules and Regulations (including cougar)
    The department is considering rule changes for hunting season regulations and conflict mitigation.
  • Black bear timber damage depredation permits.
    The department is considering amendments to WAC 220-440-210; Wildlife management and Wildlife Interactions, Black bear timber depredation permits.
  • 2020 North of Falcon Rules - Recreational Fishing
    The department is considering amending current recreational fishing rules resulting from stakeholder recommendations made during North of Falcon meetings.
  • 2020 North of Falcon - Coastal Commercial salmon Fisheries
    The Department is considering changes to WDFW's coastal commercial salmon fishing rules, resulting from North of Falcon recommendations. Coastal commercial salmon fishing rules are based on North of Falcon recommendations that change from year to year to reflect resource availability and to achieve conservation goals. Amendments to coastal commercial salmon fishing rules are needed to implement the agreed-upon changes.
  • 2020 North of Falcon - Puget Sound Commercial Fishing
    The department is considering amending current Puget Sound commercial fishing rules resulting from stakeholder recommendations made during North of Falcon meetings.
  • Bear season and regulations
    The department is considering rule changes related to bear seasons and regulations.
  • Training program that provides dog training opportunities 
    The Agency frequently calls upon dog handlers to assist during public safety incidents or property depredation from dangerous wildlife. In these cases, the handlers are acting in the capacity of Agents of the State; however, opportunity for handlers to keep dogs trained to be prepared in between calls for service has not been an option in Washington State. This rulemaking will help to ensure that working dogs are available during these calls for service and that the dogs used are trained for quick and skilled action. This program will be monitored and administered through the enforcement program. A limited number of individuals will be selected and approved through extensive background checks and agency requirements.
  • Collection of Wildlife parts
    The department is seeking to amend and clarify rules regarding the collection and retrieval of wildlife parts from public lands. 
  • Hunters with Disabilities
    To create uniformity between the existing rules and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to simplify the accommodation process for hunters with disabilities.