Current rule-making activity (Rule-making docket)

We invite you to participate in our rulemaking process. WDFW is actively considering the rule-making proceedings listed below. Chapter 220-111 WAC provides procedures for inspecting or requesting copies of rulemaking files.

You will see rules in various stages of the rule-making process:

  • Pending rule-making” means that we have filed proposed rules with the Washington State Legislature’s Code Reviser’s Office. These links will take you to the documents that include the information, timeline, and contact information for each rule-making.
  • "Preproposals” means that we may develop and file proposed rules on these topics.

See the Rule-making glossary for more information about the terms used here.

Contact information
Agency rules coordinator

Pending rulemaking

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-06
    Rule amendments are proposed as necessary to align Chapter 220-660 WAC (Hydraulic Code Rules) with RCW 77.55.181. Recent changes to the law (RCW) necessitate updating the Hydraulic Code Rules.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-03
    The proposed rules were developed through the annual North of Falcon salmon season setting process, which began in January 2023, and provide the season schedule for the 2023 fall commercial salmon gillnet fisheries in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-04
    The proposed rules were developed through the annual North of Falcon salmon season setting process, which began in January 2023, and provide the season schedule for the 2023 commercial fisheries in Puget Sound.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-05
    The department is considering amending current recreational fishing rules resulting from stakeholder recommendations made during the 2023 North of Falcon process.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-09
    This rule amendment proposal, if adopted, reclassifies the western gray squirrel from threatened to endangered.


  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-11
    The department is considering rulemaking for the Lake Roosevelt White Sturgeon Fishery

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-12
    The department is considering revisions to the WAC for the emerging commercial fishery in the lower Columbia River.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-10
    New rules and rule amendments are needed to enhance fishery monitoring and clarify existing rules.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-07
    The agency is initiating rulemaking to explore modification of the Quick Reporting rules to require additional information for Puget Sound Commercial and Coastal Troll salmon fisheries.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2023-01
    The department is considering rulemaking to amend rules to allow mobile license purchases and electronic harvest reporting.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2022-08
    The Department is considering rule changes Chapter 220-500 WAC which regulates the use of WDFW lands.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2022-09
    Amendments would be needed to set season dates and permit numbers in order to offer a 2023 spring black bear season. In addition to providing recreational hunting opportunity, a special permit season could assist the department with addressing specific management needs that include, but are not limited to, tree damage on industrial managed timberlands, human-bear conflict and damage, and harvest distribution.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-12
    The department is considering rule changes to govern the for-profit use of specific wildlife species for dog aversion training.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-02
    The department is considering new rules to implement the Fishway, Flow and Screening statute (RCW 77.57) and ESB 1109, which became effective on May 21, 2019.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-19
    The department is seeking to amend and clarify rules regarding the collection and retrieval of wildlife parts from public lands. 

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-08
    The department is developing a new permit that is specific to beaver relocation and consistent with RCW 77.32.585.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-21
    The department is considering amendments to WAC 220-440-210; Wildlife management and Wildlife Interactions, Black bear timber depredation permits.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-15
    Currently, the department provides the public certain administrative hearing rights based on agency actions and decisions that are described in numerous rules scattered within WAC Title 220.

  • Rule Making Reference# 2020-14
    The department is conducting a periodic status review for the gray wolf.

  • Rule Making Reference# P2020-17
    Because of passage of EHB 2957 in the 2018 legislative session, the department needs to amend regulations in WAC chapter 220-370 and make additional changes to these rules.