Current rule-making activity (Rule-making docket)

We invite you to participate in our rulemaking process. WDFW is actively considering the rule-making proceedings listed below. Chapter 220-111 WAC provides procedures for inspecting or requesting copies of rulemaking files.

You will see rules in various stages of the rule-making process:

  • Pending rule-making” means that we have filed proposed rules with the Washington State Legislature’s Code Reviser’s Office. These links will take you to the documents that include the information, timeline, and contact information for each rule-making.
  • "Preproposals” means that we may develop and file proposed rules on these topics.

Contact information
Annie Szvetecz
Agency rules coordinator

Pending rulemaking

  • Rule amendments are proposed to implement RCW 77.55.480 in establishing a program that provides a streamlined permitting process so that qualified habitat recovery projects may advance to construction quickly and efficiently.

  • The department is considering amendments to several recreational fishing regulations including shellfish, gamefish, and forage fish.

  • The department is proposing amendments to carry forward a long-standing recreational hunting opportunity to address bear management by continuing to use recreational hunting under a spring bear special permit in 2022.

  • This rule making adopts changes Chapter 220-460 in order to implement amendments to RCW 77.65.615 through ESB 5330 in the 2021 legislative session.

  • The department is considering rule changes to WAC 220-413-030 Importation and retention of dead nonresident wildlife and WAC 220-413-180 Special closures and firearm restriction areas.

  • The Department is considering changes to coastal commercial Dungeness crab fishing regulations and experimental gear testing and regulations pertaining to electronic fish ticket reporting for some coastal and Puget Sound commercial fisheries where electronic reporting is not already mandatory.

  • The department seeks to clarify the requirements for notifying department law enforcement officers about testing commercial fishing gear.