Fishing phone hotlines

Fishing hotlines offer a convenient way to stay up to speed on current fishing rules around the state. 

Have fishing regulation questions? Send an email to

WDFW fishing hotline

This hotline provides information about recreational and commercial fishing rules and regulations in Washington's, Coastal, Puget Sound, and Columbia River fisheries.


Press 2 for recreational rules, then select from the following options:

  • Ext. 2: Coastal salmon fisheries, including ocean, Willapa Bay, and Grays Harbor (see Coastal recreational fishing hotline for hotline information)
  • Ext. 3: Coastal freshwater tributaries and lakes
  • Ext. 4: Columbia Mainstem and tributaries from the mouth upstream to McNary Dam (see Region 5 fishing hotline for full message)
  • Ext. 5: Recreational salmon fishing in Puget Sound marine areas, including the Strait of Juan De Fuca (see the seasonal salmon fishery guidelines and quotas page for additional information)
  • Ext. 6: Puget Sound freshwater tributaries and lakes
  • Ext. 7: Recreational shellfish harvest opportunity

WDFW shellfish rule change hotline

This hotline offers information about commercial and recreational shellfishing rules and regulations.

Dial 866-880-5431, then select from the following options:

  • Ext. 1: Puget Sound recreational clams and oysters
  • Ext. 2: Recreational razor clams
  • Ext. 3: Puget Sound recreational shrimp
  • Ext. 4: Hood canal recreational shrimp
  • Ext. 5: Recreational crab
  • Ext. 6: Puget Sound commercial crab
  • Ext. 7: Commercial shrimp trawl
  • Ext. 8: Commercial shrimp pot

To check on Fish Consumption Advisories: 877-485-7316

Marine Toxins/PSP Hotline: 800-562-5632 or visit the shellfish safety map.

To report fish kills, or oil or hazardous material spills: Department of Emergency Management: 800-258-5990

To report poaching: 877-933-9847

To report derelict fishing gear: 855-542-3935

Rules in state and national parks and federal lands

Contact the following national parks for rules and other information that applies within the parks:

State licenses and rules apply on National Forest lands.

An access permit is required to fish waters on the Fort Lewis Military Reservation. Call 253-967-6263 or 253-967-6277.

For rules and other information that apply within state parks, call 360-902-8500.

Rules on Indian reservations

Before fishing on Indian reservations, contact the tribe for the necessary permits and rules.

  • Quinault Indian Nation: 360-276-8211
  • Colville Confederated Tribes: 509-634-4711
  • Puyallup Tribe of Indians: 253-845-9225
  • Yakama Nation: 509-865-5121
  • Lummi Tribe: 360-384-1489
  • Swinomish Tribal Community: 360-466-7228
  • Makah Tribe: 360-645-2201
  • Kalispell Tribe: 509-445-1147
  • Swinomish Tribal Community: 360-466-7228
  • Makah Tribe: 360-645-2201
  • Kalispell Tribe: 509-445-1147

Rules for Canadian waters

For general inquiries about Canadian fishing regulations and licensing, call 604-666-0384 or send a fax to 604-666-1847.