Master Hunter information and notices

Hunt Coordinator Guidelines

Master Hunters drawn for a Master Hunter Special Permit administered by a WDFW hunt coordinator will be deployed in accordance to the Hunt Coordinator Guidelines.

Duplicate Master Hunter Permit Card

Duplicate Master Hunter Permit cards can be ordered with the Master Hunter Duplicate Card form. The form must be mailed into WDFW with a $5.00 duplicate card fee.

2015 Master Hunter Permit Program Strategic Plan

In 2015, the Wildlife Program and the Master Hunter Advisory Group (MHAG) drafted and passed the Master Hunter Permit Program Strategic Plan. This strategic plan was developed by WDFW in conjunction with MHAG, and serves to direct agency and MHAG actions in the implementation and evolution of the Master Hunter program.

Recent Master Hunter Permit Program regulation updates

Below are recent regulation updates that affect current Master Hunters.

Annual Reports

Each year, WDFW compiles an annual report to the commission regarding the Master Hunter Permit Program (MHPP). Below is the most recent annual report. For earlier annual reports, please search Master Hunter Annual Reports in the publications search tool.

MHPP merchandise

Current Master Hunters can purchase merchandise to identify themselves as a Master Hunter. Please fill out and return the Master Hunter merchandise order form to WDFW with a check or money order.