Snoqualmie Wildlife Area Wildlife Area Management Plan


Published: September 2018

Pages: 97


Under state law, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is charged with "preserving, protecting, and perpetuating" the state's fish and wildlife species, while also providing sustainable recreational opportunities that are compatible with fish and wildlife stewardship. Today, WDFW owns or manages nearly one million acres in 33 wildlife areas across Washington, whose diversity includes nearly all species and habitats present in the state. With the loss of natural habitat posing the single greatest threat to native fish and wildlife, these areas play a critical conservation role. The wildlife area management plan addresses all aspects of resource management, and aligns with statewide conservation goals.

An interdisciplinary team of WDFW staff with significant public involvement developed the Snoqualmie Wildlife Area Management Plan. This included input from the local stakeholder-based Snoqualmie Wildlife Area Advisory Committee (WAAC), input from other public agencies, volunteers, and input from other interested citizens gathered at two public meetings.

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