Copper concentrations in five Puget Sound marinas


Published: 2019

Pages: 2

Author(s): William Hobbs, Melissa McCall, Jennifer Lanksbury

  • Copper from antifouling paint is taken up and bound to suspended matter and algae and then deposited on the bottom sediments in marinas.
  • Dissolved Cu concentrations in water were above current state water quality criteria for acute exposure in one semi-enclosed marina for isolated samples.

Suggested citation

Hobbs, W., McCall, M., and Lanksbury, J.A. (2019) Copper concentrations in five Puget Sound marinas. p. 67 in 2018 Salish Sea Toxics Monitoring Synthesis: A Selection of Research. Edited by C.A. James, R. Jordan, M. Langness, J. Lanksbury, D. Lester, S. O’Neill, K. Song, and C. Sullivan. Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program. Tacoma, WA. 88 pp: