Additional livestock depredation in Togo pack territory

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On June 8, WDFW staff investigated a dead calf in a private industrial timberland allotment in the Togo pack territory. The investigation revealed several bite marks, lacerations, and punctures covering the hamstrings, hips, and around the tail head on both sides of the calf, with subcutaneous hemorrhaging on the left side from the hamstring to the tail head.  WDFW staff who conducted the investigation determined the calf died as the result of a confirmed wolf depredation. The decision was based on the nature and location of the injuries (consistent with wolf depredation) and wolf sign and activity in the area. WDFW staff estimated that the calf was killed one to two days prior to the investigation. Following the investigation, WDFW staff removed the carcass remains.

This dead calf belonged to a different livestock producer than the producer who experienced depredations WDFW investigated on May 17 and 18. The livestock producer who experienced the most recent depredation has been in regular communication with WDFW staff, conducted carcass sanitation, removed sick or injured livestock when found, and has reported any suspected depredations. The producer also used Fox lights and a radio-activated guard (RAG) box where the cattle gather overnight. The producer increased range riding from one part-time rider to one full-time and two part-time riders when cattle were turned out on May 20. Following the most recent depredation, one of the part-time riders is now transitioning to full-time.  

WDFW has documented three depredation events in the last 30 days and five depredation events in the last 10 months resulting in two dead and three injured livestock since Aug. 17, 2021 attributed to the Togo pack. WDFW staff are discussing the depredations and use of non-lethal measures in this pack territory. Staff will discuss how to most effectively address this situation moving forward and provide a recommendation to the Director.

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Confirmed injury of calf


Confirmed mortality of calf

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