Marten Lake

Start off with an easy walk to reach this mid-size lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. More than halfway there the challenge begins with a sometimes indistinct fisherman's trail that climbs to the lake outlet. Marten's clear water reflects the stately cirque of locally-known "Rooster Mountain" to the west. Naturally reproducing Rainbow Trout can sometimes be elusive, the wiley fisherman might stay overnight to catch what can be a busy evening rise.

Getting here:

Take I-90 N. Bend Exit #34, turn towards truck stop. Continue past gas stations, taking a right onto SE Middle Fork Rd. Continue on to FS Rd 56 (unpaved, potholes.) Follow #56 past the Middle Fork Campground, across the river continuing straight to road end and the trailhead. Hike the Taylor River road/trail to before Marten Creek bridge then take fisherman's trail on left - some backcountry travel skill advised. Approx 8.8m r/t 1800' gain.

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: King
Acreage: 37.70 ac.
Elevation: 2963 ft.
Center: 47.59268, -121.51467
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Fishing prospects calendar

Rainbow trout

Fishing success for Rainbow Trout is generally best in the spring when thousands of fish are stocked statewide, but they can be caught year-round in most waters with a little patience and persistence. Success remains high into June and gradually declines as water temperatures increase and fish move offshore to stay cool. Fish that escaped the spring harvest return to the nearshore areas in the fall as waters cool off. Some waters may also be stocked again in the fall further boosting catch rates.
Chart showing fishing prospects throughout the calendar year


Marten Lake
Photo by WDFW