Dayton Pond

The Dayton Pond (formerly the Dayton Juvenile Pond) is now open for juveniles and anglers with a disability license or designated harvester card. The pond is listed as open year-round, but current management is to maintain water in the pond from near March 1 to the middle of July, if possible.  The pond is nearly dry until the river intake pipe is set in place and the pump is turned on.  Some years the water intake is not put in place until mid March or later, especially if the river is high. 

The pond is usually stocked shortly after the pump is started and water is flowing into the pond (usually by mid March). This pond is stocked with catchables (10-12 inches), jumbo size (14 inch or larger) Rainbow Trout, plus it will usually receives a few additional large rainbows or Brown Trout.  The pond is stocked several times between late February and mid June. 

Two-pole fishing is NOT allowed

Special fishing restrictions:

  • Open for juvenile anglers, senior anglers and anglers with a disability who possess a designated harvester companion card only.

Shoreline access: Good - complete shoreline access on public property. Little vegetation to limit access.

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Columbia
Acreage: 0.80 ac.
Elevation: 1623 ft.
Center: 46.313512, -117.973444
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Fishing prospects calendar

Rainbow trout

Fishing success for Rainbow Trout is generally best in the spring when thousands of fish are stocked statewide, but they can be caught year-round in most waters with a little patience and persistence. Success remains high into June and gradually declines as water temperatures increase and fish move offshore to stay cool. Fish that escaped the spring harvest return to the nearshore areas in the fall as waters cool off. Some waters may also be stocked again in the fall further boosting catch rates.
Chart showing fishing prospects throughout the calendar year