Williams Lake

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Williams Lake is a popular lowland trout lake.  WDFW will be stocking the lake annually with Rainbow and Cutthroat trout fry which will drive the fishery from this point forward.  Modest numbers of Tiger Trout are also stocked annually.  Williams is a great family fishing water, and current improvements to the WDFW access site will make launching a boat a lot easier.  This lake typically fishes well all spring long and again in September.


Two-pole fishing is allowed

Shoreline access: Good - Limited shoreline access at the WDFW access. Anglers typically fish this lake from boats or from the docks at the resorts on the lake.

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Spokane
Acreage: 317.10 ac.
Elevation: 2056 ft.
Center: 47.325655, -117.687958
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Catchable fish plants

Release Location: WILLIAMS LK (SPOK)
Stock Date Species Number Released Number of Fish Per Pound Facility
Mar 14, 2024 Rainbow 450 0.4 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Mar 11, 2024 Rainbow 1,500 2.5 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Jun 20, 2023 Rainbow 500 2.2 FORD HATCHERY
Mar 29, 2023 Rainbow 500 0.33 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Mar 20, 2023 Rainbow 10,701 2.5 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Apr 11, 2022 Cutthroat 507 3 FORD HATCHERY
Mar 25, 2022 Rainbow 300 0.33 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Mar 17, 2022 Rainbow 624 2.5 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Mar 17, 2022 Rainbow 3,396 2.5 SPOKANE HATCHERY
Mar 10, 2021 Rainbow 500 0.33 SPOKANE HATCHERY

Fishing prospects calendar

Rainbow trout

Fishing success for Rainbow Trout is generally best in the spring when thousands of fish are stocked statewide, but they can be caught year-round in most waters with a little patience and persistence. Success remains high into June and gradually declines as water temperatures increase and fish move offshore to stay cool. Fish that escaped the spring harvest return to the nearshore areas in the fall as waters cool off. Some waters may also be stocked again in the fall further boosting catch rates.
Chart showing fishing prospects throughout the calendar year

Westslope cutthroat trout

See chart for details.
Chart of fishing prospects throughout the calendar year


Williams Lake
Photo by WDFW