School cooperative program

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's (WDFW) School Cooperative Program (formerly Salmon in the Classroom) provides salmonid eggs to schools to be reared in a classroom aquarium in conjunction with science curriculum focused on the salmonid life-cycle.  When fish reach the fry stage, schools release their fish in a local watershed.

Schools must provide all aquarium equipment and educational materials needed.  For approved projects, WDFW provides eggs and a permit authorizing the school to possess, transfer and release their eggs and fish.

How to Apply

Note: The application deadline for the 2023-2024 school year is October 1.

Download the School Cooperative Project application, complete it and return it as indicated. 

Information for approved school cooperative projects

Your permits

  • Your permit automatically renews each year, as long as plant records are submitted.
  • Your permit is sent to the hatchery that you receive your eggs from. Hatchery staff will give you your permit when you receive your eggs


  • Release your fish only in the approved water body indicated on your permit.  Releasing into another water body violates the condition of your permit and may result in termination of your egg allocation.
  • After fish release you must submit a fish release record in order to be eligible to receive eggs in the future.

Schedule for egg availability

The following table provides an estimate of when your eggs may be available. Availability time can vary year to year so you are encouraged to contact your hatchery a few weeks prior to the beginning of the time period to confirm and arrange pickup of your eggs.

Hatchery Species Hatchery Phone#  Egg Pickup
Bingham Creek Coho (360) 426-2369 Early January
Columbia Basin Rainbow Trout (509) 765-7714 Mid January
Cowlitz Salmon Coho (360) 985-7424 January
Dungeness Coho 360-683-4255 Late December – Early January
Eastbank Chinook (509) 661-8300 January - February
Eells Springs Rainbow Trout (360) 427-2188 April
Fallert Creek Coho (360) 673-4400 Mid-November
George Adams Chum (360) 427-2161 Mid December - Mid January
Hurd Creek Coho (360) 683-1738 Late January - Early February
Issaquah Coho (425) 391-9094 Early January
Lake Aberdeen Coho (360) 533-1663 Early April
Lake Whatcom Kokanee (360) 595-2411 Early January
Lewis River Coho (360) 225-7413 Early January
Marblemount Coho (360) 873-4241 Mid-January
Mayr Brothers Coho (360) 533-5255 December
Minter Creek Chum (253) 857-5077 Early January
Naselle Coho (360) 484-7716 Early January
Priest Rapids Chinook (509)754-5075 December - January
Skookumchuck Coho (360) 264-2112 Late December or Late March
Sol Duc Coho (360) 327-3246 December
Soos Creek Coho (253) 931-3950 Early January
Spokane Rainbow Trout (509) 625-5169 Early December - Mid February
Spokane Kokanee (509) 625-5169 January
Tucannon Rainbow Trout (509) 629-0420 Early January
Voights Creek Coho (360) 893-6440 Mid-Late November  
Wallace River Coho (360) 793-1382 Early January - February
Washougal Coho (360) 837-3311 Mid-January
Washougal Chum (360) 837-3311 Late December – Early January
Wells Chinook (509) 923-2728 Middle - Late November