Donate to Fish and Wildlife programs

In addition to donating your time as a volunteer, there are several other ways that you can donate to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Collage of photos including Karelian bear dogs, youth outdoors, and people with disabilities
  • Youth Outdoor Initiative: Support youth educational programs with a donation through WDFW's licensing system. The goal is to get more young people outdoors hunting, fishing, and interacting with nature. 
  • Disabled Veterans: You can donate money to help offset the cost of disabled veterans’ hunting and fishing licenses through WDFW’s licensing system
  • Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) Program: The Karelian Bear Dog Program is 100% supported by private donations. Because this is a budget-neutral program, no funds are paid from the WDFW agency budget. By donating today, you can help support the mission of these hardworking dogs. More information is available on the KBD webpage.
  • Planned Giving: If you’re interested in talking with the Department about providing a cash or real estate donation, or to discuss estate planning, please email the Department’s Fiscal Office at