Wild Washington Program

To provide support for learners in Washington, we are offering a new service for the 2020-21 school year: wildlife-themed curriculum for elementary, middle school, and high school students. 

Wild Washington lessons incorporate disciplines ranging from math and science to art and literature. Lessons align with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s state and national environmental and sustainability learning standards. See the table below for a schedule of when lessons will be available for each age group. 

Wild Washington lessons have modifications embedded for distance learning, and are also developed for educators to use in a classroom setting. 

Wild Washington LIVE!

The Wild Washington Program hosts online events periodically throughout the school year. Check WDFW's event calendar or Facebook page for more details. Visit WDFW's YouTube channel to watch recorded Wild Washington LIVE! events. 

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Lesson plan schedule 

3rd - 5th
6th - 8th
9th - 12th

Sept. 25 
Solution to Pollution

Oct. 2 
Hungry Orcas, Declining Salmon

Oct. 9 

Bat, What Can We Do?

Oct. 16 

Fisheries for the Future

Oct. 23 

Sharing Spaces

Nov. 13 

The Diversity of Climate Change

Oct. 30 

A Family Pack

Nov. 6 

Hooves and Herds

Jan. 8

Making Space for Wildlife

Nov. 20 

How to Grow Fish

Dec. 4 

Protecting Cats and Wildlife

Feb. 12

Day in the life: DFW

Enforcement Officer

Dec. 11 

My, What Specialized Teeth You Have

Dec. 18 

Counting Birds for Science

April 2

Monitoring Forest Health

Jan. 15 

Marine Mammals of Washington

Jan. 22 

Trafficking Wildlife

April 16

Wildlife Management and Conservation

Jan. 29 

Beavers, Nature's Engineers

Feb. 5 

Wildlife Doctors

May 7

Wildlife Disease

Feb. 19 

Shrubsteppe Ecosystems

Feb. 26 

Following Habitat

May 21

People and the Environment

March 5 

Temperate Rainforest Ecosystems

March 12 

Endangered Species in Washington


March 19

Wildlife Life Cycles 

April 23

Aquatic Invasive Species 


April 9

Coastal Ecosystems

May 14



April 30

Herps in Washington

June 4

Wildfires and Wildlife


May 28

Redband Trout



Wild Washington Lessons