Wild Washington Lesson Plans

Themed around the state’s diverse flora and fauna, Wild Washington lessons are designed to equip K-12 students with the knowledge, social, and emotional skills needed to think critically, and problem solve around natural resource issues. Activities encourage students to explore various points of view and collaborate with others to find ways to move forward on real-world challenges.

The Department is working with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to ensure lesson plans best meet state and national environmental and sustainability learning standards. Lessons are developed for educators to use in the classroom or in an outdoor learning setting, and also have modifications embedded for distance learning. 

  • Elementary school (K-5th grade): Kindergarten - 5th grade lessons introduce learners to relevant ecological and wildlife-based issues throughout the state. The interactive activities and lesson plans aim to increase problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a variety of disciplines. Lesson vocabulary words and several supplemental materials are available in Spanish. 
  • Middle school (6th-8th grade): Middle school lessons build on concepts from K-5 lessons and introduce students to careers involving natural sciences. Decision making and collaboration are key social themes as students prepare themselves for high school.
  • High school (9th-12th grade): High school lessons focus on teaching students knowledge and skills that can be applied to careers in the natural sciences. Students will focus on sustainability in fish and wildlife, and apply skills in civics to solve problems facing the natural resource industry and balance community interests.  
  • Family learning (All ages): In addition to formal lesson plans, the Department has a variety of family-friendly activities for people to do together at home or their local green space. 

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Wild Washington Lessons

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