Protecting Cats and Wildlife

Deer meets cat
Photo by Wayne Miller

Domestic cat owners know the various benefits of sharing their lives with frisky feline companions. They’re cuddly, cute, and full of surprises.

However, many biologists have signaled alarm after analyzing the impact of outdoor and free-ranging cats on local and global biodiversity. Not only do outdoor and free-ranging domestic cats catch and kill billions of birds, mammals, and reptiles each year, but they also pose an indirect threat to ocean mammals like otters and seals.  

In this lesson, middle school students learn various viewpoints of cat and wildlife advocates, find compromise, and create practical solutions. Students read articles with varying perspectives concerning cats and wildlife and also study how outdoor cats impact people. Finally, students work with classmates who have opposing viewpoints to build problem solving skills. 

Lesson Plan

Protecting Cats and Wildlife  (PDF)

Supporting Materials