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Montage of four photos showing hunters out in the field in grassland and forest environments. This booklet is designed to give you a basic overview of Hunting Access in Washington State. The information contained in this booklet will help you find areas to hunt on public, private, and tribal lands in Washington State. Download booklet >>>

Photo of wildflowers in Methow Wildlife Area Washington's Wildlife Areas are diverse in habitat and species offering many opportunites for wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping. With over 150 different areas to choose from the choices for activities are abundant. Some areas are closer than you think.
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You will need a Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass to access WDFW Areas
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Hunter’s Code of Conduct
The code emphasizes the need for hunters to show respect for wildlife and to be considerate of non-hunters.

GoHuntAccess multi-layered maps displaying game management unit (GMU) boundaries, deer and elk management areas, pheasant-release sites, and Private Lands Hunting Opportunities, as well as roads, topographical features and county lines. In addition, harvest statistics and hunting regulations are available by specific locale and species.