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The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) makes no guarantee concerning the data's content, accuracy, completeness, or the results obtained from queries or use of the data, including the underlying base maps. These data are not an attempt to provide you with an official agency response as to the impacts of your project on fish and wildlife. WDFW makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, no representation as to the quality of any data, and assumes no liability for the data represented here. The fish and wildlife data do not represent exhaustive inventories, but are compilations of knowledge from field biologists that are updated periodically as knowledge improves. It is important to note that habitats or species may occur on the ground in areas not currently known to WDFW biologists, or in areas for which comprehensive surveys have not been conducted. Site specific surveys are frequently necessary to rule out the presence of priority habitats or species. When conducting projects or planning for fish and wildlife, please consider using additional information gathered from field investigations and consultations with WDFW or other professional biologists. For WDFW assistance on a specific project, contact the regional Habitat Program office, at http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regions/.

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