The 2021 Puget Sound Nearshore Restoration Summit Proceedings


Published: September 2022

Pages: 258

Author(s): Tish Conway-Cranos, Jason Toft, David Trimbach, Hannah Faulkner, Jay Krienitz, Daron Williams, Simone Des Roches

The goal of the Nearshore Summit was to connect natural scientists, social scientists, and restoration practitioners to synthesize Puget Sound nearshore restoration actions and science.

The Proceedings are organized into main sections of:

  1. Introduction to the Puget Sound nearshore ecosystem: A brief overview of the social, physical, and cultural landscape.
  2. Summit goals and objectives: The interdisciplinary vision for bringing together natural scientists, social scientists, and restoration practitioners to synthesize the restoration and research work in Puget Sound.
  3. Summit process: A description of development of the Summit and Proceedings document.
  4. Key message synthesis: A summary of key messages derived from presentations and discussions organized into themes associated with (1) implications from research and practice, and (2) uncertainties and future research needs.
  5. Speaker contributions: The background and context, findings, key messages, and references for each presentation.
  6. Conceptual model synthesis: Updates to Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) models for each shoreform (beach, delta, and embayment), as well as development of a broader conceptual model for social-ecological systems, informed by discussion sessions for each shoreform.
  7. Learning and knowledge cycle synopsis (Ecocycle): A summary of the Ecocycle discussions for each shoreform which allowed for a collaborative group approach to map the strategies, culture, and ideas of nearshore restoration and analyze the natural evolution of its ideas and components.
  8. Pre and post-Summit surveys: The results of surveys conducted to gauge expectations and learn more about attendees before the Summit, and reflections following the Summit.
  9. Resources and citations: References that provide context for the Summit and Proceedings content.

Suggested citation

Conway-Cranos, L., Toft, J.D., Trimbach, D.J., Faulkner, H., Krienitz, J., Williams, D., Des Roches, S., editors. 2022. The 2021 Puget Sound Nearshore Restoration Summit Proceedings. The 2021 Puget Sound Nearshore Restoration Summit; 2021 March 10 – 25; Virtual Summit. Olympia, WA: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 258 p.

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