Contracts and Purchasing

Bid opportunities

The Department of Fish and Wildlife advertises its bid opportunities on WEBS, the state’s procurement announcement system. Information on WEBS is available at the Department of Enterprise Services.

Supplier Diversity

The Department of Fish and Wildlife's supplier diversity leader is Jeff Hugdahl, Contracts and Purchasing Manager,, (360) 902-2230.

Minority, Women and Veteran-Owned Businesses

The Department of Fish and Wildlife encourages participation in its bid opportunities by minority and women-owned business enterprises certified by the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE); and veteran-owned businesses certified by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA).  For more information on the certification process for these agencies, please see OWMBE’s website at; and DVA’s website at

Interagency agreements

Sole-source and emergency contracts/purchases

Sole Source

Chum Integration Population Model Development




Mount Hood Environmental

Please contact Contracts and Purchasing Manager Jeff Hugdahl at 360-902-2230 to obtain a copy of these documents.

Statewide Vendor Payment Registration

Vendor, grantees and other partners receiving payments from the Department of Fish and Wildlife must be registered in the Statewide Vendor Payment System prior to submitting a request for payment.  The Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM) maintains the Statewide Vendor Payment System; to obtain registration materials contact the Statewide Payee Desk at (360) 407-8180; or go to:  For initial registration please use the Vendor/Payee Registration Form; payees with an existing account may revise their current payment information by using the Vendor/Payee Change Form.  Payees are encouraged to use direct deposit for receiving payments by using the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Please keep in mind that these forms need to be submitted directly to the Office of Financial Management, and not to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Terms and conditions for requests for quotations and field orders

Procurement complaint and protest procedures

  • Bid Complaints
    WDFW allows prospective bidders to submit complaints about specific procurements. Any prospective vendor may submit a complaint to WDFW; the process for submitting complaints is listed in the agency’s complaint process procedure.
  • Procurement protests
    Vendors that submit bids on WDFW procurements may submit protests on that procurement if the vendor participates in a debriefing conference. The process for submitting procurement protests is listed in the agency’s procurement protest procedure.

For more information, contact WDFW Contracts and Purchasing Manager Jeff Hugdahl at or 360-902-2230.