Nature is for Everyone

"Nature if for Everyone" superimposed on a beautiful fall forested background
Photo by WDFW

Unequivocally, WDFW stands by our values in condemning all forms of discrimination and commits to addressing racism and other forms of discrimination in our agency and the broader community.

WDFW acknowledges recent incidents in Forks, WA and in Central Park, NY that demonstrate how participation by people of color in activities like camping, hiking, birding which are promoted by WDFW, are limited by racism and discrimination.

In recognition of underlying racism that discourages or threatens people of color who join in outdoor activities, WDFW will be seeking new partnerships with outdoor recreation groups focused on supporting greater inclusion of African Americans and other people of color in hunting, wildlife viewing, hiking, fishing, and camping. 

WDFW is on its own path to improving diversity, equity and inclusion, and acknowledges that our internal journey has just begun.

Living WDFW’s values call us to act with integrity and respect to all people. We will be part of the solution.