Wenas Wildlife Area Advisory Committee

The advisory committee provides input on wildlife area management activities, including the development of new wildlife area management plans and two-year updates.

Wildlife Area Advisory Committee (WAAC) Membership

WAAC members are recruited through a public process that includes submitting a letter of interest and providing background information about their ability to serve as a productive member. of the group. 

WAAC members represent a range of interested groups including recreation users, conservation interests, business, agriculture and public or quasi-public agencies that are interested in and may be affected by management activities on the wildlife area. 

WAAC members are expected to:

  • Represent a larger group
  • Are able to share information and bring forward feedback from their group
  • Understand the mission of WDFW, including dual mandate to manage for sustainable fish and wildlife populations and their habitats, and support recreation compatible with fish and wildlife
  • Participate in an open and honest manner
  • Consider the input of other groups and individuals, including those who may not have the same interests
  • Balance the specific interests of their groups with goals and objectives of the wildlife area
  • Work collaboratively, respecting other opinions and group ground rules
  • Understand, and be comfortable with, serving in an advisory capacity

At the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, we celebrate diverse individuals who bring a wide range of perspectives. All are welcome to participate in our processes regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability.