Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission holds regular in-person meetings and teleconference calls in locations around the state. These meetings are typically open to the public, and many are streamed live on video. All meetings are recorded and the audio is available after the meeting.

Additional meetings and conference calls may be scheduled as-needed. Agendas and meeting materials are posted prior to the meetings. The links for these materials are on the agenda.

Upcoming meetings


Date Agenda Location Meeting Type
August 21 Agenda   Webinar
September 10-12   Olympia Meeting
October 2     Webinar
October 22-24   Colville Meeting
November 20     Webinar
December 3-5   Everett Meeting
December 18     Webinar

Previous meetings

Testifying at Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is committed to allowing adequate time to consider public input prior to decisions, and improving the ability of the Commission to move through its lengthy agendas.

This procedure will provide for public testimony on rule amendments at the same meeting that staff briefs the Commission. The public will have the opportunity to hear the staff presentation prior to making comments. The Commission will also be able to thoroughly consider the public comments in light of the staff report and prior to voting on the proposal. In most cases, final Commission decisions will be scheduled for the next meeting. "Open Public Input" will remain a regular agenda item to discuss issues not otherwise on the agenda.

Sign-up sheet

If you want to provide testimony, please complete a "Public Testimony" form (available at the meeting registration table). Submit your completed form to the Commission representative at the registration table prior to discussion of that agenda item.


Public testimony is accepted only during those agenda items designated for "Public Input," and during "Open Public Input" portions of the agenda. Open Public Input is usually scheduled twice per meeting day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for items not on the agenda. Be aware that items may be taken out of order, and that the times listed are estimates only.

Providing Testimony

During Commission meetings, the opportunity to give testimony to the full Commission may be limited. To provide a fair opportunity for everyone to be heard, please follow these rules:

  • Arrive early to hear the staff presentation and review pertinent information provided at the registration table.
  • Complete a "Public Testimony" form and submit at the registration table PRIOR to the start of discussion of that agenda item.
  • If you have written material you wish to provide to the commissioners, please send the material to prior to the meeting If you provide handouts at the meeting they will be scanned and sent to the Commissioners after the meeting.
  • Speakers will have 3 minutes to speak. (A timer will beep to indicate when your three minutes are up.)
  • Your testimony time cannot be given to another speaker.
  • Summarize, rather than read, written material.
  • Address the Commission and the issues, not the other speakers or staff.
  • Consider others' time by limiting your comments to new issues. If you agree with points made by previous speakers, simply acknowledge that and please move on to new information.
  • Don't repeat material you have previously submitted in writing; provide new material or verbally re-frame written material to promote a deeper understanding of your points.
  • Keep in mind this is not an interactive session, Commissioners are considering public comments not responding or having a dialogue.