Lake and Stream Rehabilitations

Policy number
Effective date
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Signed by: Russ Cahill, Fish and Wildlife Commission Chair


The control of undesirable fish populations using chemical piscicides is a valuable and cost effective management tool for providing quality fishing opportunities and protecting native species in many waters of the state.

Specific Policies

  1. All lake and stream rehabilitations will follow state and federal laws.
    All proposed rehabilitations will adhere to state water quality requirements (WAC 173-201A), the Washington Pesticide Control Act (RCW 15.58), State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and federal Clean Water Act.
    1. All applicable environmental, health and safety regulations will be followed.
      All proposed rehabilitations will follow and adhere to chemical piscicides labeling restrictions and chemical materials safety data sheet requirements to ensure protection of the public, Department personnel and environment during rehabilitation treatments.
  2. Waters will not be treated in ways which would cause significant negative impacts to fish or wildlife which are state or federally listed as Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive or Candidate Species.
    An exception may be granted in the case of a biological emergency.
  3. The public will be part of the decision-making process.
    A public meeting will be held in the vicinity of the proposed rehabilitation(s) before a final decision is made.
  4. An appropriate assessment of existing fish populations and associated risks will be undertaken for all natural bodies of water proposed for treatment if they have not been previously treated.