Management Objectives For Coastal Dungeness Crab

Policy number
C-3604 (Effective 11/1/96-8/6/99)
Effective date
Signed by
Signed by: Kelly D. White, Fish and Wildlife Commission Chair


  • To protect the reproductive capacity of the stock.
  • To involve the commercial fishing industry representatives in the management of the fishery.
  • To protect public health.
  • To maximize the economic benefit from the resource.
  • To adopt regulations which seek to achieve safe and orderly fisheries.
  • To provide a sustainable Dungeness crab fishery of high quality product consistent with the "even flow" legislative mandate.
  • To provide support to industry buyback initiatives.
  • To protect Dungeness crab habitat.


  • Comply with the federal court order relative to treaty/non-treaty sharing of coastal shellfish resources
  • Manage the fishery to primarily benefit the commercial fishery.
  • Cooperate with other states' fish and wildlife agencies.
  • Seek to achieve a fair and equitable distribution across industry sectors of the effects resulting from the design and implementation of "even flow" management measures.
  • Manage the coastal Dungeness crab fishery consistent with the preferred alternative in the Even Flow Harvest Management Plan.