Policy Guidelines for Negotiation and Maintenance of the Colville Agreement

Policy number
Effective date
Signed by
Signed by: Lisa Pelly, Fish and Wildlife Commission Chair

Goals for the Agreement:

  • Create partnerships with the Colville Tribe.
  • Provide maximum non-Indian hunting and fishing recreation compatible with healthy fish and wildlife populations.

Elements for the Agreement:

The following elements will be incorporated in the agreement:

  • A cooperative law enforcement element.
    • Includes access to the Colville tribal radio system.
  • A commitment to cooperative fish and wildlife management.
    • Includes data collection and sharing.
    • Includes management consultation.
    • Includes access to wildlife for reintroduction efforts.
    • Includes salmon restoration.
  • Hunting opportunity for upland birds, migratory birds and small game.
    • Includes pheasant and doves.
  • Tribal commitment to assist landowners, especially on-reservation landowners experiencing damage from big game or problems with dangerous wildlife.
  • The tribe commits to maintenance or enhancement of existing non-Indian fishing opportunities on the reservation.
  • The tribe and state would recognize the state license for non-Indian fishers on boundary waters.
    • Includes revenue sharing.
  • The tribe and state commit to mule deer conservation. This conservation effort will include both habitat and harvest strategies.
  • The agreement shall include a dispute resolution process.
  • The agreement shall include provisions for five-year review by the Colville Tribal Council and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
  • Other elements the Director deems as required to meet the goals set out above.

Delegation of Authority:

Consistent with this policy, the Commission delegates to the Director the authority to finalize a new agreement with the Colville Tribe. Subsequent changes will normally be incorporated in the "five-year review" element stated above. The Director has the authority to make changes to maintain this agreement within the framework of this policy.