Salary and benefits

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Police offer a robust pay and benefits package. To learn more, visit the webpage for the Washington Office of Financial Management and the public employee benefits page for the Washington State Health Care Authority.


(All salaries include assignment pay)

Job classification Monthly salary

Enforcement officer 1 (New officer)


Enforcement Officer 2


Enforcement Officer 3


Lateral Officer (DOE)


Vacation leave and holidays

Full-time employees accrue vacation leave at the following rates:

Years of employment Annual vacation accrual

1st and 2nd years continuous employment

14 days (9 hrs, 20 mins/month)

3rd year continuous employment

15 days (10 hrs/month)

4th year continuous employment

16 days (10 hrs, 40 mins/month)

5th – 6th years total employment

17 days (11 hrs, 20 mins/month)

7th – 9th years total employment

18 days (12 hrs/month)

10th – 14th years total employment

20 days (13 hrs, 20 mins/month)

15th – 19th years total employment

22 days (14 hrs, 20 mins/month)

20th – 24th years total employment

24 days (16 hrs/month)

25th+ years total employment

25 days (16 hrs, 40 mins/month)

You’ll also receive 10 paid holidays per year, plus one personal holiday.

Retirement and other benefits

As a WDFW Police officer, you’ll be eligible for the Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters State Retirement Plan II, with full retirement eligibility beginning at age 53.

You’ll also receive a variety of other benefits, including: