Report a violation

Alternate ways of reporting

There are multiple ways to report a poaching violation:

  • Call 911 to report poaching in progress, a dangerous wildlife complaint, or an emergency.
  • Call 877-933-9847 for non-emergency poaching/violation reports. 
  • Send an email to
  • Send a text tip to 847411 (TIP411) by entering WDFWTIP, followed by a space, and then entering your report. 
  • Use the online reporting form on this page.

Tips on reporting violations

You always have the choice to remain anonymous when reporting.

All poaching/violation reports are important. Due to limited staffing, it is not always possible to provide an immediate response to every call. WDFW officers routinely follow-up with individuals making reports to clarify and gather further information. WDFW communications (WILDCOMM) is open daily, from 7AM to 5PM, and closed on select holidays. If you are texting outside of these hours of operation, please contact your local state patrol as they dispatch for WDFW when closed. 

We depend on help from the public. Together we can make a difference for the fish and wildlife resources of the state.

What to look for

If you believe you have just witnessed a fish/wildlife violation, gather all the necessary information to report:

  1. Automobile license number, make, color, model, year, general condition (4x4, camper/canopy, etc.).
  2. Description of person(s) that committed the violation (sex, general age, race, hair color, general build, name/address if known).
  3. Type of violation, where and when it occurred (time, Game Management Unit, GPS coordinates, road junctions), and species involved.

Immediate reporting will significantly increase the ability of an Officer to respond. In addition, never confront a poacher.