Commercial Eulachon Fishing

Rule-making status: Permanent

Rule Making Reference# P2022-14
The department is considering rulemaking to amend commercial Eulachon fishing rules- WAC 220-358-060 Smelt.

The purpose of this rule is to rescind open fishing periods from the permanent Eulachon commercial fishing regulations to align these fishing regulations with current management strategies. There is no anticipated effect to commercial fishers since this fishery has not operated according to the open periods listed in permanent rules since 2010.

Public comments

The public comment period has closed as of January 28, 2023.

To view comments on this proposal, please visit the Commercial Eulachon Fishing public engagement page.

Public hearing

January 26-28 at 8:00 a.m. - Webinar via Zoom Meetings
The public may participate in the meeting. Registration is required to testify at the public hearing. Registration deadlines and registration forms are available at or contact the Commission office at (360) 902-2267.

Date of intended adoption: No sooner than February 1, 2023

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