Current rule-making petitions

Any person may petition the agency requesting the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any rule. A petition form is available for download from the Office of Financial Management. Petitions must be sent to the Agency Rules Coordinator at to receive consideration.

WDFW will respond with a decision letter within 60 days from the date the petition was received. If the petition is granted, the agency will initiate rule making by developing a CR-102 rule proposal, which will undergo the full public comment process before receiving a final decision.

For information on petitions that have been decided on or withdrawn, visit our "archived" (granted, denied, and withdrawn) petitions page.

Pending Commission decision

  • Petition to begin rulemaking to regulate the state's management of endangered gray wolves

    Received: Sep 15, 2023

    The petitioners are requesting the Commission amend the WAC to bring clarity, accountability, and transparency to Washington's wolf management decisions.

    Petition: Wolf Rule Petition (PDF)

  • Petition to begin rulemaking for Washington State Spring Black Bear Recreational Hunting Opportunity

    Received: Sep 11, 2023

    The petitioner is requesting the Commission to begin rulemaking for Washington State spring black bear recreational hunting opportunity, addressing specific management needs that include, but are not limited to human bear conflict and damage.