Washington wildfire information

Eastern Washington fire restrictions and closures

WDFW-managed wildlife areas in Eastern Washington will reopen to overnight use on Thursday, Sep. 16. 

  • The only wildlife area in Eastern Washington that remains closed until further notice is the Oak Creek Wildlife Area Unit due to the active Schneider Springs Fire.
  • All other wildlife areas in Eastern Washington are open for day-use only (4 a.m. to 10 p.m.) until Sep. 16. 
  • Access to campgrounds in the Methow Unit of the Methow Wildlife Area will reopen on Friday, Sep. 17 when the U.S. Forest Service plans to reopen East and West Chewuch roads.
An emergency order issued in late June is still in effect and being enforced on WDFW-managed lands east of the Cascades through the end of September. The order prohibits:
  • Fires or campfires, including those in fire rings. Personal camp stoves and lanterns fueled by propane, liquid petroleum, or liquid petroleum gas are allowed.
  • Smoking, except in an enclosed vehicle. 
  • The discharge of firearms for target-shooting or other purposes by anyone not engaged in lawful hunting.
  • Welding and operating chainsaws, including the use of an acetylene torch or other open flame.
  • Operating a motor vehicle away from developed roads. Parking is permitted within designated parking areas, including developed campgrounds and trailheads; and in areas without vegetation that are within 10 feet of roadways.

Western Washington fire restrictions

All outdoor burning, recreational fires, campfires, prescribed burns, and use of charcoal briquettes is prohibited on state-managed lands in Western Washington. For more information, visit the DNR Fire Danger and Outdoor Burning webpage.

Plan your outdoor adventure

Get ready for your outdoor adventure! Plan your trip to a WDFW wildlife area or water access area. WDFW actively manages more than 1 million acres of public land and 500+ water access areas throughout the state. 

2021 general hunting information

Some hunting opportunities may be affected by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) emergency land closures. We want to provide you with many options, so you can make informed decisions for your 2021 season and have a safe and successful hunt. 

Read DNR's blog: Long-lasting high fire danger keeps DNR lands in Eastern Washington closed (Aug. 31, 2021)

Exchanging tags 

WDFW sent hunting license holders an email in mid-August with the following information. Current rules allow hunters to exchange current tags for seasons and areas less likely to be affected by emergency land closures. (WAC 220-220-100 (5) & (6))

You can exchange your tag if:

  • The season for which the tag was issued has not opened, and
  • You did not apply for a special hunt, and
  • You must request a tag exchange by the deadlines listed below:
    • Archery tags – before Sept. 1
    • Muzzleloader tags – before Sept. 20
    • Modern firearm tags – before Oct. 10.

Have questions about tag exchange? 
Call 360-902-2464 or email licensing@dfw.wa.gov 

Returning special permits 

WDFW sent hunting license holders an email in mid-August with the following information. If you choose to return your permit, you must return it two weeks prior to the season starting. We will restore your preference points for that hunt category but will not refund your application or license fees. (WAC 220-412-080 (4))

Please note that if you choose to turn in your permit, but then fire conditions improve, we cannot return the permit back to you.

If you decide to return your permit, simply mail it to: 
WDFW – Point Restoration 
P.O. Box 43141 
Olympia, WA 98504-3141 

Have questions about point restoration? 
Call 360-902-2515 or email wildthing@dfw.wa.gov 


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