The outdoors is for all of us

Please take the Office of Equity strategic planning and listening survey

Collage of photos showing people of different backgrounds enjoying the outdoors

As the demographics of our state become increasingly diverse, historically and currently marginalized communities still do not have the same opportunities to meet parity across nearly every measure, including access to the outdoors. The new Washington State Office of Equity is gathering collective wisdom for a five-year strategic plan to help our state bridge opportunity gaps and reduce disparities. We’re asking for your help. Please complete this survey to ensure that your voice is heard in this effort to create an equitable and just Washington where all may flourish and achieve their full potential.   

This is a state-wide survey, so you may also see this opportunity provided by other state agencies; it's not necessary to take the survey more than once. Please know that WDFW will not have access to the individual information that you provide to the Office of Equity. 

To learn more about the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s efforts to provide the public with an inclusive, welcoming participation experience please visit our Diversity, Civil Rights, and Accessibility web page.