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Mailing Address
600 Capitol Way N.
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

Phone: 360-902-2267
Fax: 360-902-2448

Bradley Smith, Ph.D., Chair
Larry Carpenter, Vice Chair

Barbara Baker, Commissioner
She is an attorney who retired from a long career in the state legislature in order to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill the requirements of this important appointment.  Barbara's most recent job was as an administrator, serving as Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives for 10 years.  Prior to that, she was Policy Director to the House Democrats and also functioned as a researcher on policy and state budget issues.  Her professional career began working at McKinley (now Denali) National Park in Alaska and also on the Alyeska pipeline.  She comes from a ranching family in Texas and for many years raised Haflinger horses and Romney sheep as well as two daughters, now grown.  She has one grandchild, Juniper, who lives in Alaska.

Barbara is an avid outdoorsperson, spending all of her free time hiking, camping, biking and especially kayaking in Alaska, BC and Washington.  She loves music and is working to become a credible wildlife photographer.  She currently lives on a houseboat on Puget Sound.

(CURRENT TERM: January 17, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2022)