Following Habitat

Snow geese in Skagit County
Photo by WDFW

Middle school students are introduced to migration concepts in animals and birds with a focus on migrating waterfowl (ducks, geese, and swans). Students read about and watch a slideshow that outlines why waterfowl migrate. Then, students create an annual cycle for one waterfowl species, outlining the species’ behaviors as they fly north and south throughout the year. The lesson concludes with students learning why biologists track waterfowl migration. They use real WDFW data to complete their own waterfowl tracking project on Google Earth.  

To learn more about waterfowl natural history and where to find waterfowl in Washington, educators can choose to supplement this lesson with all or parts of the WDFW Waterfowl virtual event (full video approximately two hours).  

Lesson plan

Following Habitat (PDF)

Supporting materials