Herps in Washington

Oregon spotted frog in a marsh
Photo by Teal Waterstrat - USFWS Pacific Region

Elementary schools students are introduced to the cold-blooded world of reptiles and amphibians, also known as herps. Students classify reptiles and amphibians using a graphic organizer and define what it means for a species to be a reptile or an amphibian. Students learn about the important role herps play in food webs and in pest control. Then, they determine which herps of Washington are found in different ecosystem types throughout the state. 

Next, students choose one Washington herp and conduct a short research project and presentation on the species. The lesson concludes with students participating in a global BioBlitz with iNaturalist to count as many reptiles and amphibians as they can in their school yard, local park, or nearby greenspace.  

Lesson plan

Herps in Washington (PDF)

Supporting materials

Wild Washington LIVE!

Recorded May 3, 2021