The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produces hundreds of documents annually, outlining fish, wildlife, and lands management, scientific research, guidance for homeowners, local governments, and contractors, harvest summaries, and other materials.

Wolverine Occupancy, Spatial Distribution, and Monitoring Design

Paul M. Lukacs, Diane Evans Mack, Robert Inman, Justin A. Gude, Jacob S. Ivan, Robert P. Lanka, Jeffrey C. Lewis, Robert A. Long, Rex Sallabanks, Zack Walker, Stacy Courville, Scott Jackson, Rick Kahn, Michael K. Schwartz, Stephen C. Torbit, John S. Waller, and Kathleen Carroll (2020)

River otters of the Green-Duwamish: biomonitors of ecological health

Michelle Wainstein, Fred Koontz, Bobbi Miller, Gina Ylitalo, Bernadita Anulacion, Daryle Boyd, Sandra O’Neill, Philippe Thomas, Cornelya Klutsch (2019)