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Assessment of habitat change for western gray squirrels in the eastside Cascades of Washington, 1993-2017

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Occupancy surveys for western gray squirrels in Washington

W. Matthew Vander Haegen and Ilai N. Keren (2021)

Wolverine Occupancy, Spatial Distribution, and Monitoring Design

Paul M. Lukacs, Diane Evans Mack, Robert Inman, Justin A. Gude, Jacob S. Ivan, Robert P. Lanka, Jeffrey C. Lewis, Robert A. Long, Rex Sallabanks, Zack Walker, Stacy Courville, Scott Jackson, Rick Kahn, Michael K. Schwartz, Stephen C. Torbit, John S. Waller, and Kathleen Carroll (2020)

Differential Resource Use between Native and Introduced Gray Squirrels

Aaron N. Johnston; W. Matthew Vander Haegen; Stephen D. West (2020)