The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produces hundreds of documents annually, outlining fish, wildlife, and lands management, scientific research, guidance for homeowners, local governments, and contractors, harvest summaries, and other materials.

Six-Year Strategic Plan: Ballast Water Management

Zenzile Z. Moore, Allen Pleus, Haley C. Lane, Kevin J. Reynolds (2017)

Washington State Vessel-Related Biofouling Management 6-Year Strategic Plan

D. McClary, P. Paschke, M.A. Rempel-Hester, M. Knowlen, M. Pinza (2017)

Effectiveness of Ballast Water Exchange in Protecting Puget Sound from Invasive Species

Jeff Cordell, Olga Kalata, Allen Pleus, Amanda Newsom, Keith Strieck, and Gary Gertsen (2015)

Factors influencing densities of non-indigenous species in the ballast water of ships arriving at ports in Puget Sound, Washington, United States

Jeffery R. Cordell, David J. Lawrence, Nissa C. Ferm, Lucinda M. Tear, Scott S. Smith, And Russell P. Herwig (2008)