Puget Sound Sport Fishing Advisory Group

Puget Sound Sport Fishing Advisory Group

The Puget Sound Sport Fishing Advisory group (formerly known as Anadromous and Marine Sport Fishing Advisory Group) is a director appointed advisory board who represent the recreational community within Puget Sound. 

The advisory group has the following duties:

  1. Provide advice to the Department on agency proposed regulations, policies, and management plans (Puget Sound marine and freshwater recreational fishing seasons primarily on salmon);
  2. Communicate stakeholder opinions, attitudes, and needs to the agency;
  3. Identify areas of concern and recommend change;
  4. Members are responsible for understanding their group's role and responsibilities;
  5. Advisors should keep up-to-date on issues and regulations affecting their focus areas;
  6. Attend and participate in the salmon season setting process, known as North of Falcon;
  7. Keep the Department advised on current trends and developments;
  8. Provide advice regarding enforcement and regulatory compliance issues;
  9. Assist the Department in developing communication strategies and communicating with members of the public regarding issues that come before the advisory group;
  10. Be respectful and carefully consider the views of others;
  11. Attend advisory group meetings;

The advisory group will not create rules or policies, but will provide insight and recommendations to the Director and Assistant Director, Fish Program.

Members of the advisory group meet at least three times per year, including at North of Falcon, throughout their two-year term.

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Mission statement

The purpose of the Puget Sound Sport Fishing Advisory Group is to conserve, improve and provide guidance in the development and management of recreational salmon fisheries within Puget Sound by:

(A) Develop recommendations, with assistance from the coordinator, on preseason and in-season planning process and management of salmon fisheries to be consistent with conservation objectives and maximize recreational opportunities.

(B) Assist WDFW with communication with the public by seeking input and sharing information.

Meeting calendar

Date Location Meeting materials
Apr 9 - 16, 2019

Doubletree Hotel, Rohnert Park, California

Apr 3, 2019

Lynwood, WA

Mar 27, 2019

Puget Sound Recreational Fisheries Discussion; Mill Creek.

Mar 21, 2019

Puget Sound Recreational Fisheries Discussion; Sequim

Mar 19, 2019

North of Falcon #1; DSHS Office Building 2 Auditorium

Feb 27, 2019
North of Falcon Kick-Off Meeting; Lacey Community Center
Feb 25, 2019
Conference call 360-407-3780. Use Pin Code:192636#
Oct 17, 2018
NRB - Directors Conference Room
Aug 15, 2018
Conference call 360-407-3780. Use Pin Code: 692878#
Jul 23, 2018
Conference call 360-407-3780. Use Pin Code: 226997 #
Jul 11, 2018
Conference call 360-407-3780. Use Pin Code: 146368#
May 17, 2018
Conference Call 360-407-3780 Use Pin Code : 888514 #
Apr 6 - 11, 2018
Sheraton Portland Airport
Apr 3, 2018
Lynwood Embassy Suites
Mar 28, 2018
Mill Creek
Mar 27, 2018
Lacey Community Center
Mar 20, 2018
OB2 Olympia NOF #1
Mar 15, 2018
Mar 8, 2018
Teleconference: (360) 407-3780 Use PIN Code: 154236 #
Feb 27, 2018
Lacey Community Center
Jan 24, 2018
May 2, 2017
Apr 7 - 11, 2017
Sacramento DoubleTree - PFMC NOF
Apr 4, 2017
Lynnwood Embassy Suites - NOF
Mar 23, 2017
Mar 17, 2017
Olympia General Administration Auditorium - NOF
Mar 16, 2017
Sequim Trinity Church - NOF Recreation
Mar 15, 2017
Mill Creek WDFW - NOF Recreation
Mar 7, 2017
Feb 28, 2017
Olympia General Administrative Auditorium - NOF Forecast
Feb 7, 2017
Jan 5, 2017
Oct 11, 2016
Jun 15, 2015
Mill Creek
Jan 7, 2015
Feb 19, 2014