Waterfowl Advisory Group

WDFW is currently reviewing applications for participants in the Washington Waterfowl Advisory Group.

A final announcement will be made January 31, 2020.

The Washington Waterfowl Advisory Group (WAG) was formed by WDFW in early 2003 to increase citizen involvement in the management of Washington's waterfowl resources. This group has up to 20 members from a broad representation of waterfowl hunters throughout the state. Semiannual meetings are scheduled to provide advice to the department on a variety of topics, including planned expenditures of state migratory bird stamp revenues, waterfowl seasons, public access, and other topics.

Contacts and member info




Mission statement

The mission of the waterfowl Advisory Group is to serve as a liaison between the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the waterfowling community.


  1. To provide input on and review the expenditures of the state migratory bird stamp revenues.
  2. To educate the waterfowling community on how the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife uses state migratory bird stamp revenues both in process and purpose.
  3. To explain and educate the waterfowling community about the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's waterfowl management purpose and policy.
  4. To serve as representatives of the waterfowling community to provide input to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on waterfowl and other migratory game bird related concerns.
  5. To provide advice to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on a variety of waterfowl and other migratory bird related topics like seasons, public access and other related topics.

Meeting calendar

Date Location Meeting materials
Apr 13, 2019

North Bend

Apr 8, 2017
Apr 2, 2016
Aug 1, 2015
Mar 28, 2015
North Bend
Jun 28, 2014
North Bend