December 14-15, 2012 Minutes

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December 14-15, 2012

Comfort Inn Suites and Conference Center, Tumwater, Washington

Public (cont.)
Public (cont.)
Miranda Wecker, Chair
Robert Sudar
Greg Muellen
Gary Douvia, Vice Chair
David Knutzen
Craig Carvall
Larry Carpenter
Chris Stanley
Denise Dawson
David Jennings
Andrew Marks
Jim Howard
Jay Kehne
Mike Kohn
Alyce Asch
Conrad Mahnken
Peter Dykstra
Carl Asch
Chuck Perry
Gene Duvernoy
Mike Backman
Rolland Schmitten
Lauren Lloyd
Dale Scott
Brad Smith
Diane Gallegos
Illayana Brown
Tom Davis
Eric Brown
Commission Staff:
Linda Saunders
Roger Goodan
Tami Lininger
Lee Blankenship
Timothy J Sprague
Erin Gariépy
Frank Haw
Joe Verdoes
Georgia Marincovigh
Gordon Ruh
Department Staff
Jeff McKean
Mark Stetzer
Phil Anderson, Director
Randy LeDuc
Brad Schilperot
Joe Stohr, Deputy Director
Jeff LeDuc
Gary Johnson
William Frymire, AGO
Hans Mak
Otis Hunsinger
Heather Bartlett
Ken Rathburn
Bill Hunsinger
Joanna Edie
Chuck Gauthier
Jerry Massey
Dan Budd
Steve Carver
Steve Long
Jennifer Quan
Ken Wirkkala
Liz Hamilton
Rich Chiulders
Robert Freund
Phil Johnson
Donny Martorello
Kirk Harrison
Greg Mueller
Dave Ware
Lyle Cabe
Keith W Isaacson
Guy Norman
Clark Sitzes
Ken Komasawa
Cindy LeFleur
Chuck Hickey
Chris Doumit
Brian Missildine
David Schamp
David Reese
Christina Iverson
Ron Garner
Dan L Cothren
Dan Ayers
Kevin Newll
Jack Marincovich
Mark Teski
Mike Burton
Dom Reale
Mike Livingston
Dave Freund
Duane Dettmann
Ken Bevis
Orvill Aas
Doug Baldwin
William Meyer
Brendan Flynn
Scott Sigman
Thomas Woodruff
Ray Seiler
Tom Wright
Gary Marston
Irene Martin
John Price
Dale Gombert
Tom Hester
Rick Durken
Denise Dewey
Clay Dickerson
Laurence A Bucklin
Brad James
Mike Mudgett
Brian Durkin
Richard King
Heath Heikkila
David Irvine
Hal Bernton
Derrick Robbings
Bob Margulis
Bill Swann
Glen Johnson
Gabe Miller
Randy Woolsy
Carl Burke
John Price
Bob Lake
John Campbell
Derek Anderson
Davbid Cubert
Steve Koch
Les Clark
Brian Abbott
Cliff Richard
Frances Clark
Johnny M Brown
Bruce Mack
Kay McDonald
Blaine G Johnson
Jim Tuggle
Paula Johnson
Ned Krilich
Tom Roof
Bob Nichols
Nello Picinich
Vanice Roof
Mara Zimmerman
Fred Pentt
Stan Brogoon
Kamen Penev
Ron DeShasen
Mike Selton
Greg Johnson
Keith Harrington
Laurie Lloyd
Steve Fransen
Earl Betts
Jennifer Stahl
Mark O'Toole
Rick Curtright
Merrie Schilperoot
Mike Mudgett
Mark Gavin
Tim Burns
Paul Alexander
Jody Mather
Ronald Fraser
Marlene Fraser
Christy Mather

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chair Wecker called the meeting to order at 8:32 a.m.

1. Call to Order:

  1. Commissioners’ Discussion
    • Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago - Lion recovery in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
    • Conservation Northwest in Yakima – presentation of movie outlining the history of wolves entering Washington
    • Meeting in Colville with Ferry, Stevens and Okanogan counties cattlemen associations concerning wolves
  2. Meeting Minutes Approval
    • December 7, 2012 - Conference Call Minutes

Vice Chair Douvia moved, seconded by Commissioner Schmitten, to approve the minutes from the December 7, 2012 conference call. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Open Public Input :
The following people signed up to provide public input during this item:

  • Diane Gallegos, Wolf Haven: Wildlife Conflict Rules
  • Tom Davis, Washington Farm Bureau: Wildlife Conflict Rules
  • Robert Sudar: Columbia River – Kitzhaber plan

3. Director's Report:
The Director briefed the Commission on various items including:

  • Conservation initiative - leadership training
  • Governor’s visit
  • Fish Program workshop with costal interests - Coho mark selective fisheries
  • Director, Jim Scott and Region 4 staff met with Muckelshoot Tribe regarding Hatchery Production Memorandum of Understanding.  Region 4 staff made great progress in developing and completing hatchery genetic management plan.
  • Giant Pacific octopus – developing response, generous offers of help
  • Albacore treaty with Canada
  • International Halibut Commission
  • Coastal crab fishery
  • Wolf update – Director Anderson and Donny Martorello
  • Effective performance management – Jair Reitsma

4. Hatchery and Fishery Reform Policy - Briefing
Heather Bartlett, Hatcheries Division Manager, provided an annual status update relative to Policy C-3619 and provided an update on the public process used to provide recommendations to staff for implementing hatchery reform in the Puget Sound region.

5. WAC 220-20-010 – Structural Improvements and Updates - Rule Briefing and Public Hearing
Joanna Eide, Administrative Regulations Analyst, Enforcement Program provided a briefing on the proposed amendments to WAC 220-20-010 to split this rule apart. The changes will clarify, reorganize, and restructure the content of the WAC.

No one signed up to provide public input for this item.

6. WAC Overhaul Technical Rule Changes Round 4 – Decision
Joanna Eide, Administrative Regulations Analyst, Enforcement Program requested the Commission adopt the proposed amendments and repealers in Round 4 of the WAC Overhaul Technical Rule Changes as presented during the November Commission Meeting.

The following rules are amended:

WAC 220-20-039        Live fish‑-Import and transfer. 
WAC 220-20-040        General provisions‑-Rearing and planting food fish.
WAC 220-55-230        Columbia River endorsement. 
WAC 220-56-360        Razor clams‑-Areas and seasons. (Director Anderson changed pg. 9 subsection b to ‘of the detached’ from ‘at the detached’)
WAC 220-56-372        Razor clam sanctuaries. 
WAC 220-76-020        Aquatic farm registration form‑-Required information.
WAC 220-90-010        Herring hardship validations, qualifications, and conditions.
WAC 220-90-015        Resort or marina--Owner or operator.
WAC 232-12-025        Hunts authorized pursuant to RCW 77.12.240
WAC 232-12-064        Live wildlife.
WAC 232-12-091        Commercial buying and processing of anadromous game fish or roe. 
WAC 232-12-097        Transportation of anadromous game fish and roe. 
WAC 232-12-242        Hunting restrictions.
WAC 232-12-261        Live decoys unlawful.
WAC 232-12-289        Official hunting hours for game birds and game animals.

The following are proposed new rules:

WAC 232-12-063        Live wildlife--Facility, fencing, and marking requirements. 
WAC 232-12-288        Official hunting hours for game animals and forest grouse.

The following rules are repealed:

WAC 220-16-255        Geographical definitions—Razor clam areas.
WAC 220-74-015        Surplus salmon eggs.
WAC 220-85-115        Rules of practice and procedure.
WAC 220-100-068      Formal administrative appeal of department environmental determinations.
WAC 232-16-010        Establishment of game reserves.
WAC 232-28-285        2010-2011 Pilot cougar hunting seasons with the aid of dogs.

Vice Chair Douvia moved, seconded by Commissioner Smith, to approve the changes as outlined by the department on page 3 of the rule batch 4 materials.  Motion carried unanimously.

7. Lands Conservation in the Teanaway Basin – Briefing (originally item 8 on agenda)
Jennifer Quan, Lands Division Manager briefed the Commission on the planned acquisition of 51,000 acres in the Teanaway Basin as part of the implementation for the Yakima Integrated Water Plan’s Lands Conservation element and described the role of the Department in achieving this element.

8. Proposed Land Transactions – Decision (originally item 7 on agenda)
The Commission considered approval of various land transactions presented by Dan Budd, Real Estate Section Manager, Wildlife Program for the protection of critical fish and wildlife habitat, enhancement of public recreation opportunities, and responsible property management.

• Proposed acquisition of 161.9 acres in the Johns River Wildlife Area, Pacific County
• Proposed acquisition of 6.45 acres in Chelan County
• Proposed acquisition of 79.68 acres in Okanogan County

No one signed up to provide public input for this item.

Commissioner Jennings moved, seconded by Commissioner Mahnken, to approve item 1: proposed acquisition of 161.9 acres in the Johns River Wildlife Area, Pacific County and item 2: proposed acquisition of 6.45 acres in Chelan County proposed land transactions as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Jennings moved, seconded by Commissioner Smith, to approve item 3 proposed acquisition of 79.68 acres in Okanogan County.  Motion carried.  8 yes, 1 no.

9. Wildlife Conflict Rules – Decision
Dave Ware, Game Division Manager, Wildlife Program requested approval of the amendments to wildlife interaction/conflict regulations that were presented to the Commission during the November 8-9, 2012 meeting along with changes made during this meeting.


WAC 232-36-030 Definitions.
WAC 232-36-051 Killing wildlife causing private property damage.
WAC 232-36-100 Payment for commercial crop damage – Limitations.
WAC 232-36-200 Payment for commercial livestock damage – Limitations.
WAC 232-36-250 Payment for noncommercial livestock or guard dog losses – Limitations.
WAC 232-36-260 Application of cash compensation for noncommercial livestock or guard dog losses – Procedure.
WAC 232-36-400 Commercial crop or livestock damage claim – Dispute resolution.

Vice Chair Douvia moved, seconded by Commissioner Jennings, to adopt the amendments to WAC’s 232-36-030, 232-36-051, 232-36-100, 232-36-200 and 232-36-400 as proposed.  Motion carried unanimously.

10.  Executive Session:
Pursuant to RCW 42.30.110(1)(g), the Commission met in executive session to review the performance of a public employee.

Chair Wecker recessed the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chair Wecker called the meeting back to order at 8:32 a.m.

11. Open Public Input

The following people signed up to provide public input:

Mark Gavin – Shrimp
Jennifer Stahl – Sturgeon
Dan Cothren – Game Laws
Kevin Newell – Sturgeon
Ron Garner – Shrimp, Fish

12. Columbia River Fishery Management – Briefing
Guy Norman, Regional Director, Department staff and Workgroup members briefed the Commission on the results of meetings with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Workgroup members.  Commissioners and Department staff discussed next steps including the development of a draft policy.

The following people provided public input for this item:

Brad Schilperoot
Mark Gavin
Otis Hunsinger
Bill Hunsinger
Jody Mather
Keith Isaacson
Jim Howard
Chris Doumit
Glen Johnson
Jack Marincovich
Georgia Marincovich
Greg Johnson
Nello Picinich
Heath Heikkila
Dave Schamp
Lyle Cabe
Jerry Lowe
Andrew Marks
Paul Alexander
Charles Hickey
Carrie Backman
Mike Backman
Irene Maritn
Thomas Hester
Hans Mak
Richard King
Ken Wirkkala
Randy Woolsey
Bob Lake
Bob Margulis
Stan Brogdon
Doug Baldwin
Les Clark
Ned Krilich
Roger Goodan
Liz Hamilton
Kay McDonald
Greg Mueller
Jeff McKean
Derek Anderson
Duane Dettlmanus

Commissioner Mahnken moved, seconded by Commissioner Smith, the Commission adopt the Director’s initial draft Columbia River Fishery Policy as the Commission’s draft policy for further review and public release.  Motion carried unanimously.

13. Review of Lower Columbia River Sturgeon Management Policy C-3001 – Briefing
Cindy Le Fleur, Region 5 Fish Program Manager provided the annual review to the Commission on the Columbia River white sturgeon.

14. Puget Sound Shrimp Policy Review – Decision
Rich Childers, Puget Sound Shellfish Manager requested that the Commission adopt a spot shrimp fishery management option for a policy that includes fishery management objectives and resource conservation principles.

Commissioner Mahnken moved, seconded by Commissioner Carpenter, to adopt and incorporate into policy C-3610 spot shrimp management option that provides 70% of the state spot shrimp quota to the recreational fishery.  Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Mahnken moved, seconded by Commissioner Smith, to adopt the Puget Sound Shrimp Fishery Policy C-3610 as written. Motion carried unanimously.

15. Miscellaneous and Meeting Debrief
The Commission discussed items that arose immediately before or during the meeting and after the preliminary agenda is published.

  • Land transfer and exchange between Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources
  • Commissioner Jennings suggested quarterly evaluation/update with Director Anderson
  • January Executive Session
  • Chair and Vice Chair elections
  • Working draft of 2013 Performance Agreement

Chair Wecker adjourned the meeting at 2:47 p.m.