June 9, 2023, Special Hatchery Workshop Meeting agenda - WDFW Fish and Wildlife Commission

Minutes and audio/video recordings

8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. – Workshop #2: Risks and Benefits of Hatchery Production

This workshop will provide a detailed discussion of hatchery production risks and benefits in general, and as they relate to efforts to increase prey for SRKW, and to the two hatchery policy alternatives (C-3624 and draft Co-Manager Hatchery Policy).

Specific topics/questions covered in Workshop #2 will include:

  1. Introduction of hazards and risks to natural-origin salmonid populations from hatchery production
    1. Includes an acknowledgment of major reviews (e.g., National Academies of Science, Hatchery Scientific Review Group, previous SEPA analyses) relevant to the potential risks and benefits of increased hatchery production on endangered and threatened wild salmon stocks
  2. A detailed discussion of selected hazards and risks as examples (genetic, fish health, and ecological interactions)
  3. Benefits – brief summary building on benefits discussed in Workshop #1
  4. What risks does the Commission’s 2018 Prey Initiative identify and what protections does it propose or provide from adverse effects on wild Chinook salmon populations?
    1. Discussion regarding increasing hatchery production and risks to natural-origin salmonid populations.
    2. What other reviews have been done on the proposed increase in hatchery production? What did they find?
  5. Comparison between C-3624 and the draft Co-Manager Hatchery Policy
    1. Identification of hazards and risks
    2. How management decisions are made in reference to risks and benefits, and therefore how risks can be mitigated