Willapa Bay Salmon Management Policy Comprehensive Review

In the fall of 2014, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission initiated a process in order to develop a salmon management policy for Willapa Bay to achieve and restore wild salmon in the Willapa Bay and enhance the economic well-being and stability of the recreational and commercial fishing industry in the state.

To inform the development of this policy, WDFW formed its Willapa Bay Advisory Group, made up of stakeholders representing recreational and commercial fishers. As part of the policy development, advisers and DFW staff met in fall 2014 to spring 2015 in public workshops, including one with Pacific County Commissioners.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted the Willapa Bay Salmon Management Policy C-3622 in June 2015. Its implementation includes two phases. The first phase spans 2015 through 2018 phase two covers years July 2019 through June 2035.

In 2018, the Commission provided staff with additional guidance for Willapa Bay salmon management  applicable to the 2018 season only. 

The Commission also requested a comprehensive and thorough review of the phase one implementation and performance, which lead to the development of the Willapa Bay Salmon Policy Comprehensive Review, released in July 2020. 

Public Review of the Willapa Bay Salmon Management Policy Comprehensive Review

View the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Willapa Bay Salmon Management Policy C-3622, 2015-2018 (Updated October 19, 2020)

Thanks to everyone who joined WDFW staff at an August public meeting to learn more about the review and provide their input. In case you missed the meeting, use the links below to view the presentation and a recording. 

View the presentation
View a recording 

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