Mineral Lake

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This 277-acre lake three miles southeast of Elbe provides excellent trout fishingfor those who enjoy lots of company. The lake sits at 1,770 feet elevation, and on clear days Mt. Rainier provides a scenic backdrop.

The state plants more than 100,000 rainbow trout fry each year. Several hundred larger broodstock are also stocked annually, plus several thousand brown trout.  Largemouth bass are also present.

Most shore fishing is from public fishing docks at the west end of the lake and docks at Mineral Lake Resort. The state boat launch is small, so patience is needed, especially on opening day.

Two-pole fishing is allowed

Shoreline access: Good
Access is limited.

WDFW water access areas on this lake

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Lewis
Acreage: 274.80 ac.
Elevation: 1421 ft.
Center: 46.72644, -122.173647
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