Learn about reptiles!

Reptiles are vertebrates that breathe air and are covered in boney plates, scales or both. The reptiles in Washington include turtles, snakes and lizards.

Vertebrates: animals that have backbones
Lizards: reptiles with movable eyelids, ears that are outside the body, scaly skin and usually four legs

Watch this video from FreeSchool to learn interesting facts about reptiles:
Things to Do:

Visit the Burke Museum on-line to see and learn about the different reptiles in Washington.

Watch this video to meet Spencer from Ssspencer the Reptile Kid and some of his pet reptiles and amphibians

Become a citizen scientist and help collect and report important data about reptiles by participating in the Global Reptile BioBlitz at iNaturalist.

Download your own Living with Snakes packet to learn all about snakes and how to attract them to your property.

Learn about lizard anatomy and how to draw realistic looking lizards with Dragoart: https://dragoart.com/tut/how-to-draw-lizards-13247

anatomy: study of living things and their parts

Print a Lizzy the Lizard maze from All Kids Network.

Newly released western pond turtle

 Endangered western pond turtle, learn more here.