Fall lessons: 3rd-5th grade

Fall lessons focus on autumnal cycles and lesson themes are aligned with local and regional celebrations of our state's diverse natural resources.

Solution to Pollution - Sept. 25

This 3rd-5th grade level lesson focuses on how students can be a solution to the global plastic pollution problem. The lesson aligns with International Coastal Clean Up month (September) and Individual Trash Pick Up week for National Public Lands Day on Sept. 26.

Incorporating science, math, arts, and sustainability concepts, educators can teach this lesson in a couple days or throughout the week. The lesson involves writing, graphing, artwork, and verbal problem solving with peers.

Educators can use this lesson at any time throughout the school year, though the student experience will be more enjoyable if their clean up session is during good weather.

At the end of the lesson, you will find a plethora of additional resources to use for further research topics, as well as activities and materials from our conservation partners.

Thank you for being part of the solution to plastic pollution!

Lesson plan

Solution to Pollution

Supporting materials

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Fisheries for the Future - Oct. 16

Fisheries for the Future celebrates the recently proclaimed Seafood Month and our diverse fisheries throughout the state. Students first analyze where their seafood comes from. Then, they are introduced to the concept of sustainable fisheries. The lesson culminates with a research project where they discover how one of Washington’s fisheries are managed.

This lesson follows NGSS science, CCSS English language arts, and Washington OSPI standards for social studies and environmental education.

Also provided in this lesson is a recipe book for oysters and clams from a WDFW shellfish biologist. Make sure to check the lesson for other sustainable seafood recipes and encourage your learners to discover Washington seafood as they cook with an adult in their home.

Lesson plan

Fisheries for the Future

Supporting materials