Winter lessons 9-12th grade

Winter lessons focus on the interactions between humans and wildlife. 

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Making Space for Wildlife

In “Making Space for Wildlife”, high school students discover the world of conservation biology and learn how people build corridors for wildlife to connect species’ to fragmented areas of habitat.  

Students investigate the Interstate 90 wildlife corridor project that involved diverse-interest stakeholders. Stakeholder collaboration resulted in increased freeway safety for people, while also creating paths for wildlife to safely cross over and under the freeway.  

This lesson puts students into the role of a habitat biologist where they must examine what makes a landscape a good candidate for wildlife corridors. Students analyze how animals move and must determine where they would put a wildlife corridor between the North Cascades and Mount Rainier.  

The lesson combines Next Generation Science Standards, Washington environmental and sustainability standards, and Common Core standards in speaking and listening.  

Lesson Plan

Making Space for Wildlife 

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