Redband Trout and You

Columbia Basin Redband
Photo by Sean Zenishek

Young elementary school students learn about a unique interior subspecies of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri). Students explore food webs connected to redband trout and predict what might happen if species from the web were removed.

Next, students learn about habitat requirements of redband trout. They examine three different habitats to assess habitat suitability and then create their own ideal redband trout habitat. Students also get to take a virtual field trip with a redband trout fisheries biologist and see what a day on the job looks like. The lesson culminates in students identifying their connection to redband trout and finding ways  to help redband trout thrive. We’re proud to bring you this fun and exploratory lesson in collaboration with The Echo Film.   

Lesson plan

Redband Trout and You (PDF)

Supporting materials

Coloring book