The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produces hundreds of documents annually, outlining fish, wildlife, and lands management, scientific research, guidance for homeowners, local governments, and contractors, harvest summaries, and other materials.

DRAFT Periodic Status Review for the Steller Sea Lion

Jessica J Stocking and Gary J. Wiles (2021)

Washington State Vessel-Related Biofouling Management 6-Year Strategic Plan

D. McClary, P. Paschke, M.A. Rempel-Hester, M. Knowlen, M. Pinza (2017)

Six-Year Strategic Plan: Ballast Water Management

Zenzile Z. Moore, Allen Pleus, Haley C. Lane, Kevin J. Reynolds (2017)

River otters of the Green-Duwamish: biomonitors of ecological health

Michelle Wainstein, Fred Koontz, Bobbi Miller, Gina Ylitalo, Bernadita Anulacion, Daryle Boyd, Sandra O’Neill, Philippe Thomas, Cornelya Klutsch (2019)

Nearshore sediment microplastic monitoring for the Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM) program, Puget Sound, Western Washington

Andrew R. Spanjer, Robert W. Black, Abby Barnes, Colin Elliot, Jennifer Lanksbury (2019)

SSRIs in WWTP effluents and their disposition and effects in salmonids and marine flatfish

Irvin Schultz, Louisa Harding, Chris Monson, James West, Sandra O’Neill, Graham young, Penny Swanson (2019)